The first lighthouse at Alapuzha, a fixed one was exhibited from the port flag staff. This was maintained by the Princely state of Travancore and the exact date of commissioning of the light is not known. A Government order of 1837 regarding removing of light and knocking down of flag staff during monsoon period proves the existence of a lighthouse at Alapuzha well before that date. A most modern lighthouse for Alapuzha port was first proposed in 1840, but due to financial stringency, the proposal was kept pending for two decades.

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Alapuzha Lighthouse

Lighting apparatus

The original Lighting apparatus and Lantern room for Alapuzha lighthouse were procured from J. Milano and Son, Milton house, Edinburg. The optical apparatus, a holophotal one, had a unique design and it consisted of three panels with three dioptric lenses each on them, to project the light to horizon in three powerful beams. Each dioptric lens had a coconut oil wick lamp as illuminant and silvered spherical reflector on its back. The second Lighting apparatus commissioned on 4th August 1960. The 4th order revolving cata-dioptric prisms had 1000W/230V

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Lighting Appararus

Change of colour

While commissioning in 1862, Alapuzha lighthouse had white washed exterior. During the modernisation of apparatus in 1960, the tower got a new look with white enamel paint coating. Alapuzha lost its white colour to the adjacent lighthouse at Manakodam, when the Central advisory committee for Lighthouses ordered the interchange the colour codes between Manakodam and Alapuzha towers. It was a decision obliging to the complaints of mariners, of difficulty in identifying the adjacent towers of Manakodam and Vypin, both with red and white bands.

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Change of color

Lighthouse Museum

During the sesquicentennial celebrations of the lighthouse, the first lighthouse museum in India was established here inside the old ammunition dump. The 200 years old square laterite stone structure with a semi spherical dome top was thoroughly modified to accommodate the museum that has a variety of exhibits. The original holophotal lighting apparatus used at Alapuzha in 1862 was brought back from our Kolkata Optical lab and fitted inside the museum in a grand style. Along with this, different types of lamps, gas flashers, sun valves

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Alapuzha Museum


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